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About Orado

Founded in 2011 by two graduate school friends (Julius Adagbon and Job Orjioke), Orado Technologies Limited began operations in 2014. It was founded as a technology company that would be engaged in solution design for government and the private sector using technology tools and general strategy templates as innovation tools. Orado’s focus is on projects that add value to nation building and to governance.


Our vision is to assist the governments and their agencies with the task of nation-building and governance and in doing so, align with OEMs as a growth partner.

Orado Technologies’ projects have typically been in fields that enhance this relationship – biometrics, data conversion, high-level technology training, specialty software development integrated into the SDKs of globally-renowned OEMs and configured for local use.

Projects so far completed in technology services span the areas of technology infrastructure, data backup and archival, data extraction and data migration services. In product development, the company designed and built an electoral system voting machine for an African country. This machine is yet to go live. It uses face, finger-print and palm-vein recognition tools to identify and validate a voter and his/her vote even if that voter shows up without a voter’s card.